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Finding Good Welding Schools in Maine

If you are a welding enthusiast residing in or around Maine and you would like to get a job as a welder either on a freelance, contractual or regular basis, your best bet would be to study at welding schools in Maine. Welding is a profession that cannot be learned just by reading textbooks or merely by observing people doing it.

Those who want to become legitimate welders will need to get a certification which will show to their prospective clients or employers that they have already obtained the basic competencies and are well knowledgeable about the safety procedures that all welders must observe including proper gear and handling or equipment. This is an absolute necessity if they expect good pay and steady employment.

There are vocational technical schools in Maine that offers welding programs, welding classes, welding training and welding certification for an individual’s welding career.

Below are the welding schools in Maine:
• Washington County Community College. This is one of the welding schools in Maine that offer a variety of welding techniques such as electric arc and oxyacetylene welding. A student can complete the program in less than two years’ time, as many of its students do. Once the entire program is completed, the students can then choose to sit for three certification exams: the state of Maine pipe certification, the American Welding Society structural stick welding certification and the American Welding Society flux core structural certification. Graduates from this school can find employment in fields such as construction, ship building and maintenance. Students should be able to provide their own tools for use.
• Eastern Maine Community College. Here students can opt for either a one or two-year welding degree. In the one-year program, students will learn basic and pipe welding techniques. For the two-year program, students are taught advanced welding methods. Graduates from this school are well rounded. They can expect to find employment in bridge building, construction, shipbuilding and power generation.