State Welding Schools

Florida Welding Schools and Training

Any individual interested in welding either as a hobby or as a career will first need to choose a good welding school to study. For those who live in or around the state of Florida, the best option would be to look at good welding schools in Florida. When choosing which welding school you will study in, you should factor in a lot of different qualities.

First of all, you must take a look at the various programs and certificates that these schools offer to see if they are accredited regionally and if it enjoys good local reputation. After all, what good is an education that you spend time and money for if it will not be recognized by your future customers or employers?

There are many good welding schools in Florida that offers excellent welding programs, welding classes, welding training and welding certification. It is a good place to study and stay in with its warm weather, sandy beaches, and waterways that stretch for miles. Indeed, you will not run out of fun things to do in the sunshine state. Below are the welding schools in Florida:

  • Palm Beach State College. This school offers a postsecondary adult vocational certificate in welding. Those who graduate from this program will be ready to take on entry-level jobs in welding. Its welding activities include classes in basic welding, blueprint reading, pipe welding and arc welding. When students get the certificate, they can have 24 credits that they can apply toward an associate of applied science degree in industrial management technology.
  • Brevard Community College. Here students can study for a postsecondary adult vocational certificate in welding. This will give students a solid foundation to take on a career as a welder. There will be a total of 1,170 hours of welding classes in a method of instruction which is divided between academic study and hands-on laboratory work.