State Welding Schools

Delaware Welding Schools and Training

If you are a welding enthusiast residing in or around Delaware, it would be good for you to find welding schools in Delaware that you can enroll in. While there are welding schools in other states, it would be good to study in welding schools in Delaware so that you won’t have to spend so much for transportation and lodging in another state. Welding is a lucrative career, which will offer you a high salary even if you are not a white-collar employee. However, it also comes with workplace hazards that you should do well to learn in order for you to be effective at welding and to not harm your body in the process. Here are welding schools in Delaware:

  • Delaware Technical and Community College in Stanton/Wilmington. Their campuses are located in Newark and Wilmington. Here you can earn a welding maintenance technician certificate. This is a certificate program approved by the Delaware Workforce Investment Board and Department of Labor. What you need to complete the program is a minimum of 11 courses: a math, computer, construction safety, blueprint reading and seven welding courses.
  • Delaware Skills Center. This school is more focused on adult vocational technical training since 1962. Its welding course covers the following welding techniques: metal arc welding both shielded and gas, flux cored arc welding, oxyacetylene fuel cutting with assorted torches and air carbon arc gouging. Welding equipment usage and safety rules are also part of the instruction.
  • Keen Welding School. Located in Newcastle, it has training programs that will cater from beginners to experienced welders. It is good that its class size is limited to only five people so that each student is assured of receiving adequate training and instruction. Its classes run for two days, with lunch and all materials to be used already included in the tuition fee.