State Welding Schools

Colorado Welding Schools and Training

If you are a welding enthusiast residing in or around the state of Colorado, the first thing that you need to do is look for welding schools in Colorado that you can study in and also can give good welding programs, welding classes, welding training and welding certification. It is important to find good welding schools in Colorado that can give you the education that you will need in order to do your welding tasks well. A formal education will also give you a diploma or certifications that you can use as proof to your employers or clients that you are proficient at welding. Below are some of the welding schools in Colorado:

  1. Front Range Community College. Students can train for a variety of technical skills in welding on its recently renovated shop located on the Larimer campus. The welding program itself is based in Larimer, but other welding courses are also offered at its Brighton, Colorado campus. Here are some of the courses and certifications they offer:
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding Certificate
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Certificate
  • Oxyacetylene Welding Certificate
  • Pipe Code Welding Certificate
  • Associate of Applied Science in Welding Technology. This gives students a well-rounded curriculum in addition to having them learn a variety of welding methods.
  1. Pikes Peak Community College. This is a two-year institution offering over 125 programs of study. Below are their welding-related courses and certifications:
  • Structural Welding Certificate
  • Pipe Welding Certificate
  • Combination Pipe, Structural and Advance Processes Certificate
  • Associate of Applied Science in Welding Technology. This is an associate degree program, which covers all of the welding skills taught at Pikes Peak Community College along with skills in related fields of study. This program is unique in that it has an open-entry and open-exit policy, giving students the choice to drop out at any time and then re-enroll later to complete the degree.