Welding Jobs By State

Welding Jobs in Massachusetts

Certified welders in Massachusetts are employed in a long-term profession. Professional welders have permanent jobs in Massachusetts and the companies in the state of Massachusetts are in need of certified professional welders. The companies in Massachusetts who are in construction, fabrication and manufacturing industries are looking for welding professionals from time to time and it means that certified welders who have the skills and experience are in demand in Massachusetts. But fresh graduate welders are also welcome and some companies are looking for them. The welding job opportunity in Massachusetts is so wide especially to welders who have the credentials and welding certifications.

If you are a certified professional welder with the skills, experience and credentials then look for the right welding jobs in Massachusetts. Welding professionals, who have many welding certifications in different aspects of welding have the wider opportunity and are paid high in Massachusetts. Some companies in Massachusetts tend to look for professional welders who are experience and have many certifications.

Most of the companies in Massachusetts are looking for welders who have pass the SMAW 3G Position (Vertical Up), SMAW 2G Position (Horizontal), FCAW 2G Position (Horizontal), FCAW 3G Position (Vertical Up), GMAW, GTAW, PTAW, Submerged Arc Welding and Stick Welding. Certified professional welders are also knowledgeable in some welding procedures that are very essential in most companies. These welding procedures are TIG, MIG, stick and flex core welding. Welding professionals who are seeking welding jobs in Massachusetts must also proficient in oxyacetylene or electric welding, flux core welding, soldering, MIG welding, brazing, TIG welding, shrinking and sweating.

Start your job search now and apply for welding jobs in Massachusetts. Here are the welding job opportunities in Massachusetts:

  • Stainless Steel Welder
  • Flux Core Welders
  • Structural Steel Welder
  • Regional Code Welder
  • Senior Welding Engineer
  • Orbital Welders
  • Stainless Steel Welding Fabricators
  • Production Welder
  • Pipe Welder
  • Certified Welding Inspector
  • Experienced Welders
  • Certified TIG Welders
  • TIG Welders
  • Production TIG Welders
  • CFI Welder
  • Welder Fitter
  • Mobile Welding Technician
  • Production Welder

Here are the cities that have welding job opportunities in Massachusetts (MA):

§  Wilmington, Massachusetts

§  Quincy, Massachusetts

§  Boston, Massachusetts

§  Ayer, Massachusetts

§  Danvers, Massachusetts

§  Tewksbury, Massachusetts

§  Lowell, Massachusetts

§  Chelsea, Massachusetts

§  Bellingham, Massachusetts

§  Newtonville, Massachusetts

§  Rowley, Massachusetts

§  Haverhill, Massachusetts

§  Millbury, Massachusetts

§  Holliston, Massachusetts

§  Chelmsford, Massachusetts

§  Northborough, Massachusetts


§  Andover, Massachusetts

§  Needham, Massachusetts

§  Athol, Massachusetts

§  Fitchburg, Massachusetts

§  Peabody, Massachusetts

§  Topsfield, Massachusetts

§  Salem, Massachusetts

§  Lawrence, Massachusetts

§  Framingham, Massachusetts

§  Worcester, Massachusetts

§  Lynn, Massachusetts

§  Lee, Massachusetts

§  Auburn, Massachusetts

§  Avon, Massachusetts

§  Raynham, Massachusetts