Welding Jobs By State

Welding Jobs in Illinois

Certified professional welders are needed in different locations and cities in Illinois. Companies in Illinois are currently having immediate opening for welders who have the skills and experience in different aspects of welding. Companies who are in construction, fabrication and manufacturing industries are offering permanent jobs to certified welders. If you are qualified, the companies in Illinois give strong and exceptional benefits and strong wages. Companies in Illinois also are looking for fresh graduate welders or welders who just graduated from a welding school in Illinois or from a vocational technical and trade school. There is a huge opportunity to people who are seeking welding jobs in Illinois.

If you are looking for a welding job in Illinois, you should be equipped with welding credentials and welding certification. Companies will look for your credential when you apply for a welding job in Illinois. Certified professional welders who have acquire many welder certifications are paid much more and have many benefits and are well compensated. These welders also have a wide range of welding job opportunities in the State of Illinois. Professional welders whom have many welding certifications will have undergone numerous welding training in different welding procedures, procedure and techniques.

Certified professional welders who are very proficient in flux core welding, electric or oxyacetylene welding, soldering, MIG welding, brazing, TIG welding, shrinking and sweating are in demand to the companies in Illinois who are in need of welders. Companies are also looking for certified welders who know the different welding procedures such as MIG welding, TIG, stick and flex core welding. But if you are a certified professional welder who passed the SMAW 3G Position (Vertical Up), SMAW 2G Position (Horizontal), FCAW 2G Position (Horizontal), FCAW 3G Position (Vertical Up), GMAW, GTAW, PTAW, Submerged Arc Welding and Stick Welding, then many companies will hire you.

Start your job search now and apply for welding jobs in Illinois. Here are the welding job opportunities in Illinois:

  • MIG Welder (Benefits Start on First Day)
  • MIG Welders (Permanet Hire)
  • Sub Arc Welders (Permanent Hire)
  • Tank Welder
  • Welders (MIG or FCAW)
  • Flux Core Welders
  • Production Welding Supervisor
  • TIG Welders
  • Stick Welder
  • Welding Inspector
  • Certified Welding Inspector (CWI)
  • Welding Engineer
  • Production Welders
  • Weld Supervisor
  • Container Welder Job
  • Industrial Welder
  • Welding Engineer
  • Skilled Welders
  • Warehouse Helper/Welder
  • Quality Assurance/Welding Specialist
  • Laser Welding Operator
  • Technical Specialist, Sr. – Metals/Welding
  • Senior Welding Engineer
  • Welding Manufacturing Engineer
  • Journeyman Production Welders
  • Setup Welder
  • Robot / MIG Welders
  • Robotic Weld Programmer
  • Pipe Welder
  • ProE Manufacturing / Welding Engineer

Here are the cities that have welding job opportunities in Illinois (IL):

§  Chicago, Illinois

§  Springfield, Illinois

§  Ottawa, Illinois

§  Joliet, Illinois

§  Aurora, Illinois

§  Bloomington, Illinois

§  Tuscola, Illinois

§  Peoria, Illinois

§  East Peoria, Illinois

§  Bloomington, Illinois

§  Marengo, Illinois

§  Pontiac, Illinois

§  Huntley, Illinois

§  DeKalb, Illinois

§  Lombard, Illinois

§  Goodfield, Illinois

§  Elk Grove Village, Illinois

§  Mattoon, Illinois

§  Moline, Illinois

§  Peoria, Illinois

§  Champaign, Illinois

§  Decatur, Illinois

§  Belleville, Illinois

§  Normal, Illinois

§  Frankfort, Illinois

§  Lansing, Illinois

§  Crete, Illinois

§  East Moline, Illinois

§  Quincy, Illinois

§  Mendota, Illinois

§  Rochelle, Illinois

§  University Park, Illinois

§  Glendale Heights, Illinois

§  Tinley Park, Illinois

§  Bolingbrook, Illinois

§  Wheeling, Illinois