Welding Jobs By State

Welding Jobs in California

How to find a welding job in California?

Search and explore the welding job opportunities in California and find the right welding job for you. See the position, job description and salary if it is the right one for you and build your welding career in California. There are lots of welding jobs in California that are waiting for the right welders to fill these positions and you may be the right candidate. There are many companies in the manufacturing, construction and fabrication industry who are looking for certified professional welders who have the right skill sets and experience to work with them in a permanent basis. Professional certified welders are in-demand in the state of California.

If you want to build your career as a professional welder in California, then start looking for a welding job in the local newspaper ads or in the online jobs search in the internet. Companies who are looking for professional welders are always posting the ads in the newspaper and in the internet. In the online job search, there are lots of welding job opportunities in welding in California.

How to get a welding job in California?

Well of course, most companies are looking for welders who are skillful and have that experience they want in the welding trade. If you are a professional welder who have the education, skills and experience and is equipped with welding certifications and credentials then you have a greater chance to land in a high paying welding job position with benefits and compensation. There are also companies in California that are also looking for entry-level welders with no experience at all were they conduct training to entry-level welders to work with them.

If you are a professional welder and is in California with the right skills, education and experience, then it would be very easy for you to find a welding job in this state.

What are the types of welders that California is looking?

Companies who are in the manufacturing, fabrication and construction industry in California are looking for these type of certified professional welders. These professional welders are in-demand in California right now:

  • Welder with ASME IX Certification
  • Welder II
  • Gas Welder
  • TIG Welder
  • FCAW Welders
  • Pipe Combination Welder
  • Certified Stick Welder
  • Orbital Tube Welder
  • Structural Welder – Tooling (2nd Shift)
  • Production Welder Specialist
  • MIG Welder
  • Aluminum Tig Welder II, III or Specialist
  • Stainless TIG Pipe Welder
  • Combination Welder
  • Spot Welder
  • Pipe Line Welders
  • Field Engineer Welding
  • Heliarc / GTAW Welders
  • Tubular Frame Welder
  • Welding Inspectors
  • RIG Welder
  • Combo (Wirefeed) Welder
  • Combo Pipe Welders
  • Industrial Welders
  • Field Welder w/CDL
  • Process Welder
  • Maintenance Welder Technician
  • Welding Engineer
  • Stick Welder
  • Structural Steel Welders
  • Level 3 Advanced Welder
  • Welding Fabrication Specialist
  • General Technician I – Welder Mechanic
  • Welders (FCAW and MIG)

Cities in California (CA) that have welding job opportunities:

Los Angeles, California
Bakersfield, California
San Diego, California
Bellflower, California
Santa Ana, California
Oakland, California
Mountain Pass, California
San Francisco Bay Area, California
Whittier, California
San Bernardino, California
Fontana, California
El Cajon, California
Pasadena, California
Daly City, California
Hawthorn, California
Fremont, California
Rialto, California
Adelanto, California
San Francisco, California
Valencia, California
Roseville, California
Grass Valley, California
National City, California
Escondido, California
Sacramento, California
Middletown, California
San Ramon, California
Pacoima, California
Simi Valley, California
San Jose, California
Rocklin, California
Fresno, California
Dinuba, California
Atwater, California
Palo Alto, California
Duarte, California
Stockton, California
Carlsbad, California
Gardena, California
Brea, California
Shingle Springs, California
San Bernardino, California
Rancho Dominguez, California
Burbank, California
Sunnyvale, California
Huntington Beach, California
Torrance, California
Newman, California
Orange, California
Camarillo, California
Costa Mesa, California
Newport Beach, California