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Finding Good Welding Schools in Virginia

Virginia is one of the best state that offers the best technical education in the US. The State of Virginia is known to have numerous industries in technical, technology and agriculture. With this, the State of Virgina offers the best program in their technical schools. On of the technical vocational course that is in demand today in the State of Virginia is welding. The technical schools in Virginia offers the best welding programs, welding classes, welding training and welding certification to people who is aspiring to become an excellent welder.

If you are a welding enthusiast residing in Virginia, you can choose to attend welding schools in Virginia so you can learn about the basic techniques of welding or more advanced courses, depending on your circumstances and how much time and money you are willing to spend for your welding education. Below are the welding schools in Virginia that you can choose from:

1. Northern Virginia Community College. It is Virginia’s biggest educational institution. It offers degrees and certificates in around 60 fields of study. The school offers a Career Studies Certificate in Welding that will allow them to go for entry-level positions as welders, solderers and brazing workers in auto body, construction maintenance and other fields requiring such technical skills. The Career Studies Certificate in Welding is composed of 16 credits. It is a part-time certificate program teaching basic welding techniques, which can have the advantage for older students who are already involved in different careers and who would like to take up welding as another skill. Here, students will learn about arc and oxyacetylene welding, progressing to electric arc welding, inert gas welding and semi-automatic welding processes.

2. Tidewater Community College. This program teaches universal welding techniques which are taught with applications in the maritime industry. Students will also be taught in ship systems. Their welding certifications are as follows:
• Career Studies Certificate in Welding. It is composed of 26 credits in welding processes such as oxyfuel welding and cutting, basic and advanced shielded metal arc welding, pipe and tube welding, inert gas welding and welding drawing. Students will also be prepared to hurdle various welder qualification tests.
• Certificate in Welding. This comprehensive certificate program is composed of 33 credits. It rounds out the Career Studies Certificate in Welding curriculum with its various general education courses.