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Structural Welding Specialists

If you are interested in becoming a structural welding specialist, you must undergo the proper training to be able to handle the requirements for this kind of job. This is a specialized welding job, which requires a specific set of skills in order for you to function well. While technically, you have the option to learn the different welding techniques, safety procedures and instructions to operate machinery and equipment from observing other people and from observing how others do it, either from videos on the Internet or by observing actual Structural Welding Specialists do their job, you will still learn a lot from being enrolled in welding classes from vocational or technical schools that offer them.

At the Illinois Welding School, you can study for a Structural Welding Specialists program. Structural Welding develops the students interested in the construction, maintenance and repair welding industries. The primary welding processes in this program are SMAW (“stick welding”), GMAW (“MIG welding”), FCAW (“Flux core welding”) and a brief introduction to GTAW (“TIG welding). In addition, all Structural welding students will complete introductory courses in Blueprint reading and Weld Symbol reading. Successful graduates will be able to produce high-quality fillet and groove welds in all positions on various thickness of metals up to 1″ thick.

Before you are able to enroll at this institution, you must meet certain requirements first. You should be 18 years or older at the time of the application, in sound physical and mental condition, have good eyesight or wear the proper corrective eyewear if you have slight vision problems. Since the course is taught in English, of course you should be able to read, write and speak in English, at least at a level that is comprehensible for most people. Some welding programs at this school also require a high school diploma or equivalent.