Welder Career Types

Structural and Pipe Welding Specialist

If you would like to take advantage of the jobs available for a Combination Structural & Pipe Welding Specialist all throughout the United States and even abroad, you must make sure first that you undergo the appropriate training so that you will be able to learn the requisite skills for this job. The first step you need to take is to enroll in vocational, technical or trade schools that offer welding programs or courses. Two of the schools that offer Combination Structural & Pipe Welding Specialist are the Illinois Welding School and the John Lopez Welding School.

The Illinois Welding School has the philosophy that one’s ability to earn a meaningful income is based on their dedication and willingness to learn skills, which would make them marketable to many employers. Their main statement is “Learn to Earn” because their welding programs are designed around this training concept. They are committed to providing quality education and technical training based on what the industry needs. The curriculum of the Illinois Welding School is centered around a career specific and organized education which is designed to maximize your training in specifically targeted welding areas. The school exists to serve the many opportunities that are available to welders nowadays due to the fact that there are many products and services that we enjoy today which require welding in order for it to materialize.

At the John Lopez Welding School, they aim to teach students actual job practices that are currently being used in the welding industry. As an added bonus, this school also gives students placement assistance with local as well as out of town contractors. The training can be completed in 420 hours or approximately 11 weeks, covering welding and fabrication. All welding courses consist include booth instruction, lecture, practice and final exam.