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Pennsylvania Welding Schools and Training

Finding Good Welding Schools in Pennsylvania

The State of Pennsylvania is very rich in culture and history. Pennsylvania also has lots of industries that are in need of welders. Seeking job opportunities in Pennsylvania is also tough but if you are equipped with welding certification, then you have an edge to other job seekers in welding.

Pennsylvania has lots of vocational trade schools that offer welding. The welding schools in Pennsylvania offer comprehensive welding training, welding course, welding classes, welding programs and welding certification.

If you are planning to attend welding schools in Pennsylvania, you should expect to be trained with a combination of classroom discussion with theoretical materials as well as actual on-the-job training. If you are residing in or around Pennsylvania and are planning to enroll in welding schools in Pennsylvania you can consider the following two welding schools in Pennsylvania:

• Community College of Allegheny. The college offers both a certificate as well as an associate’s degree program in welding technology. both day and evening classes are available, and are being taught at the West Hills Center on the North Campus.
o Welding Technology Certificate. This consists of 18 credits and prepares students for entry-level positions in welding. Their curriculum provides both fundamental as well as advanced courses in welding, along with such subjects as blueprint reading, blazing, and several types of arc welding. Upon completion, students of this program can go on to take the certification exam administered by the American Welding Society.
o Associate of Science in Welding Technology. This program is for students with advanced knowledge as it will prepare them to take advanced or supervisory welding positions. Students will learn about basic and advanced pipe welding, welding basics, inspection, safety and flux core arc welding.
• Delaware County Community College. This school has locations in two counties: Delaware and Chester counties. They have certificate and associate’s degree programs which attracts almost 11,000 students. They offer a Certificate of Competency in Welding. This is a program consisting of 28 credits which will combine lectures, demonstrations and hands-on laboratory training. Students will be taught several welding methods such as shielded metal arc welding, gas metal arc welding and oxyfuel welding. The course likewise teaches cutting techniques and dealing with safety issues. There are elective courses in welding design, welding codes, inspection or soldering.