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Opportunities for Pipeline Welding Jobs in the US

If there is a better time to get pipeline welding jobs, it should be now. An apprentice can just get into a shipyard and burn enough rods under the tutelage of an experienced welder. Soon enough, they will eventually learn how to do pipeline welding. Apprentices can break out and get pipeline welding jobs as soon as they can pass a test. It would also definitely help if they can afford a truck for easier mobility in between job sites. There are a lot of opportunities out of the Civil stage in Port Arthur, Texas and also in Garyville, Louisiana for single hands. Based on the projected number of employees needed, a single process skill will be your ticket to pipeline welding jobs when the mechanical work is opened.

All pipeline welders will have to start somewhere. Unfortunately for some, they are not lucky enough to be able to enroll in a union apprenticeship program. An alternative to this is for you to avail of union and non-union training just to gain experience. Some of the employers in the west coast include Flint which has nationwide operations but is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Saulcon which is in Odessa, Texas, and International Insp. Tech. In Orange, Texas. Generally, almost all major drilling companies in the US are offering pipeline welding jobs.

There are some companies such as Rig Welding, which are rising again due to the remote locations of some of these jobs, as they are being done in states of the US where industrial work is not prevalent as opposed to some states in the south. Some of these companies do not have an experienced labor pool that southern locations have. While Texas has many opportunities for pipeline welding jobs, many potential employers have been replaced by foreign laborers which may be cheaper to hire than native American laborers.