State Welding Schools

Ohio Welding Schools and Training

Do you want to study welding in Ohio? The first step is to look for good welding schools in Ohio. There is currently a high demand for welding professionals and that is why there are so many welding schools in Ohio.

Here are two of the largest welding schools in Ohio, which offer welding programs, welding classes, welding training and welding certification. The two only differ in terms of length and specialization.

The first school is the Owens Community College. This is the largest school located in the state of Ohio that offers a welding program. Its total enrollment numbers over 20,000 students spread out in 130 areas of study. The national Association of Industrial Technology accredits its welding program. In terms of studying welding techniques, it offers three that you can specialize in and receive a welding certificate for:

• as Metal Arc Welding. The focus of this program is on MIG welding. This course specifically addresses MIG welding. It involves an hour of lecture and three hours of laboratory work after two introductory welding classes.
• Gas Tungsten Arc Welding. This is also called TIG welding. It has six credit hours and has basically the same general format as the MIG certification program. The only difference is in a single core class.
• Shielded Metal Arc Welding. It is a bit longer than the previous two, being 8 credit hours in total. It has two basic welding classes and another two classes in manual welding or stick welding.
Over at the Lorain County Community College, the welding programs offered are the following:
• Welding Operator. This is a one-year technical certificate which trains future welding technicians. It has two semesters of coursework, which cover drafting, manufacturing, stick welding, TIG welding and welding regulations and classifications.
• Short-Term Welding Certificate
• Associate of Applied Science in Welding Technology