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New Hampshire Welding Schools and Training

Finding Good Welding Schools in New Hampshire

Students of New Hampshire who would like to learn a new technical skill such as welding, either to use for their livelihood or as a hobby, can consider attending welding schools in New Hampshire. One of the welding schools in New Hampshire for consideration is the Manchester Community College.

This school is actually an established institution in New Hampshire, providing educational programs for over 60 years. It originally started as a vocational-technical college and then evolved to a community college. Today, it offers 20 associate programs and more than 30 certificate programs. This list includes welding certificate, professional certificate and associate degree programs. Anyone who wishes to apply for the welding program needs to complete the required algebra and geometry classes.

Below are the three welding-related programs in this school, which is one of the welding schools in New Hampshire:

• Welding Technology Certificate. Students can attend this program during evenings only. It required 19 credit hours. Students will expect to learn the skills necessary to gain work as a combination welder with SMAW pipe qualifications. Students should be able to complete the plate bend test to gain entrance into the advanced pipe/plate class.
• Welding Technology Professional Certificate. This is a program, which can only be attended during the daytime, requiring 32 credit hours to complete. Graduates of this program will be able to apply for non-code welding employment. Its courses may also be applied towards the associate degree in welding.
• Associate of Applied Science in Welding Technology. Students are required to complete 67 hours to complete this degree. They will be equipped with knowing the four major processes in welding upon graduation, and will also be able to read technical blueprints, meet code requirements in heavy plate and pipe welding, as well as understand well the materials structures of alloys.