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Minnesota Welding Schools and Training

Finding Good Welding Schools in Minnesota

If you are a welder located in Minnesota, you will have known that in order to be a fully certified welder which will be your ticket to gaining employment either in a regular, contractual or freelance basis, you will need to enroll in welding schools in Minnesota and then take any certification exams from a recognized institution. Later on, you will need to undergo on-the-job training after getting instruction on the theoretical side of welding.

Note that like all technical skills, you will learn more from hands-on training and watching other people do it than you will by reading books about welding or gathering information about it online. Welding schools in Minnesota provide both hands-on and theoretical training. Below are the welding schools in Minnesota:
• Minneapolis Community and Technical College. Their hands-on welding classes are part of the Welding and Metal Fabrication Certificate program that they offer. This certification program lasts two semesters. It combines classroom or theoretical instruction with hands-on learning. The theoretical aspect conducted in the classroom includes teaching students how to read blueprints, identify the symbols common in welding, lay out different welding projects and learn from applying shop mathematics.

Saint Paul College. They offer a diploma and two certificates in welding and metal fabrication. These are part of its transportation, construction and building programs. The Welding Metal Fabrication Certificate is a 30-credit program, which includes fundamental blueprint reading, layout techniques, hand and automated fabrication shop equipment, measuring devices and Radan fabrication software. The Welding Certificate curriculum also consists of a 30-credit certificate program, which expands the knowledge gained from the previously mentioned course. It will cover advanced topics in blueprint reading and a larger and more complicated variety of welding processes and techniques such as advanced shielded metal arc welding, flux core arc welding and gas tungsten arc welding for stainless steel and aluminum.