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Micro TIG Welding

Welding is widely used nowadays, be it in manufacturing, engineering and most of all, in constructions where in most of the modern buildings are made of glass and steel. Welding is used to join the steel to form the framework of the buildings. This process has been in used for a long time now and with time, it has evolved to special welding types to be performed in specific welding jobs.

TIG welding or tungsten inert gas welding uses tungsten and an inert gas (usually argon) to produce the weld. Tungsten is used as the electrode because it has a high melting point and the inert gas is to protect the weld from reacting with the air. Most metals and steel are welded using this process that is why it is highly important in most industries.

Micro TIG welding is the same process as the conventional TIG welding but with the addition of using a welding microscope to get a closer look at the welding area and the welding process. Fiber optics is used in the process so that the high precision welding can be attained seamlessly. The welding microscope is especially designed so that the welder can have great control of the parts to be welded as well as the welding placement. The welding microscope is also used in laser welding to help focus the laser beam on the welding area accurately.

Micro TIG welding uses special equipment and requires special skills to perform the process. Micro TIG welding is mostly used in the jewelry industry for its high precision in welding small and intricate designs. This type of welding is also used in miniature gadgets and applications where high precision welds are needed on small areas. Some of the applications where micro TIG welding is used include lamps and lighting assemblies, jewelry, dental appliances, small medical implants, aerospace gadgets, batteries, TV tube parts, sensors, hermetic sealing and many more.