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Finding Good Welding Schools in Massachusetts

If you are residing in or around the state of Massachusetts and you are interested about learning welding procedures and techniques, the best option for you is to look at welding schools in Massachusetts where you can possibly enroll. Getting a certification from welding schools in Massachusetts will put you ahead of the competition for getting welding jobs in Massachusetts, whether on a contractual, regular or freelance basis.

There are two welding schools in Massachusetts that offer education in welding, and will equip students with the skills and knowledge that are necessary to get jobs in construction, auto body making and metalworking. These welding schools also offers welding programs, welding classes, welding training and welding certification. The two welding schools in Massachusetts listed below provide programs which address both the artistic and scientific aspects of welding:

• Wentworth Institute of Technology. This is just one of the few not-for-profit schools in Massachusetts that offer a welding program. The school offers a Certificate of Achievement in Welding program, which will allow students to look at entry-level positions as welders, solderers and brazing workers in such industries as auto body, construction, maintenance in others. Their classes also have the option to be taken on an individual basis. The Certificate of Achievement in Welding will consist of three classes lasting 15 weeks each. During this time, students will be expected to learn welding both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
• Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Their welding program is under the division of Professional and Continuing Education. The program will help students develop a creative vision as well as hone their technical skills in the welding discipline. This course is also offered as part of the metal sculpture program, because the college emphasizes metal sculpture as the form of artistic expression that will complement the technical aspect of welding. The skills that students will learn include oxyfuel, stick, gas tungsten arc and gas metal arc welding.